Tricky gay teenboy knew the naughtiest way to reward adorable firefighter for saving his life from fire

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Description: It’s not everyone who gets the opportunity to personally thank a member of the emergency services who has helped them in a crisis situation – but that’s just what happens here when Titus Snow is able to demonstrate his gratitude to handsome fireman, Orri Gaul, for helping rescue his dog. No need for flowers or chocolates, though. Instead, Snow has his own very special reward in mind for the thick-lipped beauty; and needless to report he doesn’t waste much time in making his intentions clear. Not that you’d ever expect reticence from a fellow of Snow’s reputation, of course; and what’s more the initial thankful smooch is quickly reciprocated by Gaul, who’s quickly tearing off Snow’s pants so that he can fully savour every inch of his thankful buddy’s meaty ramrod. What ensues is a truly terrific display of fellatio from both horned-up dudes in turn; before Gaul’s natural desires take full advantage of the situation, as he turns his focus on Snow’s ever-eager fuck-hole and hungrily rims the hairless little pucker for all he’s worth. No prizes for guessing that the lad is soon literally balls-deep in Snow’s guts, banging away at the cocky bitch with near show-stopping gusto. Fans of gaping arses will be in their element here, with Snow’s cavernous ring left stretched to the max courtesy of the onslaught; ultimately resulting in Snow spewing furiously skywards whilst riding raw dick reverse cowboy-style. But it’s arguably the sight of Gaul emptying his nads into the bottom’s open sphincter that warrants highest acclaim – a cum-soaked finale for a top-notch fuck-fest!
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