Three college uncut boys who got sent to headmaster's cabinet decided to organize nasty group anal sex

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Description: It's triple schoolboy trouble when Luke Allen, Kyle Ross and Drake Isaac are sent to the headmaster's office for some disciplinary act. One by one the twink pupils explain to every other what got 'em in their dilemma. Luke explains, "I was caught in the bath doing stuff with some other student." The raunchy antics of Kyle Ross have him inquiring about the washroom collision that Luke had with some other student, to which Luke replies, "Well I can show u more excellent than I can tell u." Drake promptly joins in the joy and sets the stage for the smooth Luke to be in the centre of all this schoolboy act. Uniforms come off and the engulfing and spit swapping starts. The trouble makers clear the headmaster's desk making room for the foreplay that leads to the sexy act of Drake taking the dominate top role, fucking the one and the other Kyle and Luke until their holes can't take anymore. Luke and Kyle squirt their schoolboy loads all over Drake's cute face leaving those 3 fully gratified with the trouble that brought 'em jointly. Starring: Drake Isaac, Kyle Ross, Luke Allen
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