Playtime For Anal Boys

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Description: Andreas Nilsen might have been planning a little solo play time with a sexy new anal toy but when his friend Leo Alfano interrupts the slim and horny young man is eager to take over. It goes without saying that blond boy Andreas is eager to share his hole with his friend, but not before that toy slips between his smooth twinky butt cheeks. Leo uses the bulbous shape to ease his friend open, his own incredible cock already throbbing eagerly as he waits to replace it. A little fucking with the gadget is all that's needed and the slim young bottom is ready for that cock. Leo fucks him deeply, with passionate strokes, almost romantic in his treatment of his sexy friend. Jabbed from behind and on his back little Andreas can't hold back for much longer, his cock convulsing as hot white cream pumps from his hooded tip to splash out over his smooth stomach. Leo plays with the cum, his own cock quickly ready to join in. He humps his shaft between the boy's bare feet, a little foot wanking quickly taking him over the edge as his own semen erupts to splash all over. An appreciative kiss is the perfect finish for a friendly bareback
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