David Sky - Richard Hicks

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Description: It goes without saying that to produce adult entertainment you need to be able to control yourself and get through the day without it descending into a horny mess of BoyFun with the models, but I think everyone agrees that it has to be one of the most fun jobs a man can do. While most are able to maintain professionalism, sometimes opportunities arise that just can't be ignored. That's certainly the case for gorgeous photographer David Sky. With delightfully sexy young model Richard Hicks posing for him it's not long before he's wondering what the blond boy has in his pants. It doesn't take a lot to convince the gorgeous young man to be a little more revealing, encouraging him to strip down to his colorful jock strap and show off his smooth and toned twink body. The sight of the boy's perfect buns exposed is too much for the the professional to resist and he reaches out to grab a handful. As soon as David gets a little feel of that sexy butt he's abandoning the photography and turning his attention to pleasing his own growing cock, kissing the adorable boy and revealing his engorged member. Luckily for him, this stunning new aspiring model is more than a little enamored with the sight of his incredible cock, quickly stroking and sucking the length, licking his balls and tasting the precum leaking from the intact tip. The taste of such a delicious dong quickly has the adorable boy revealing his own incredible inches of perfect young dick, offering it to his photographer friend for a little of the same kind of pleasure. With both stunning boys naked and hard, the flavor of fresh young boner on their tongues, David rubs their lengths together in some innocent frottage and finally takes aim at the boy's quivering little pucker. Parting his fuzzy cheeks and licking out his hole he wets his friend with spit and slides his naked shaft inside, filling young Richard with his experienced shaft and fucking the boy all over the bed! After enjoying that raw tool from behind, on his side and sliding up and down from above too the adorable little twink can't stop his semen from gushing from this cock, splashing in thick wads, an equally creamy goo pumped out over his face by his less-than-professional friend ending their climactic encounter. With dicks pleased and loads spent, it's time to finish the photo shoot!
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